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Mike Pence won’t dine alone with a woman who’s not his wife. Is that sexist?



Last week, the Washington Post profiled second lady Karen Pence, a devout Christian and devoted wife who is, as the story put it, her husband’s “prayer warrior,” “gut check” and “shield.”

Ashley Parker, the reporter, noted that Vice President Mike Pence once had told The Hill, a political newspaper and website, that he never dines with women alone, nor does he attend functions without his wife if alcohol is being served.

Was this a sign of marital devotion and respect? Or a signal that the Pences don’t trust Mike Pence to be alone with a woman? Or perhaps don’t trust a woman to be alone with Mike Pence?

I figured this fusty-seeming practice must spring from the couple’s well-known religiosity.

They were married in the Catholic church, later became evangelical Christians and frequently talk about their faith. Mike Pence often describes himself as “a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order.”

Some people said the vice president simply was following the “Billy Graham rule” — created by the famous evangelist in 1948, when he was on the road proselytizing. Graham and his male colleagues vowed to avoid situations that would “have even the appearance of compromise or suspicion.”

If you don’t go out to dinner with a woman, it’s hard to have a woman be your campaign manager or your chief of staff. I believe this is gender discrimination.

Removing temptation (in the form of women) from men is a staple of many patriarchal faiths. A straight, married man will not be tempted to stray if he does not spend time alone with an unrelated woman. Of course, it won’t stop a man from lusting in his heart. But that’s not the organ we’re worried about, I guess.

There is actually a more important principle at stake here, and one that transcends the Pences’ — or anyone else’s — bond.

In the eyes of the law and the government, women are equal to men. They are deserving of the same workplace opportunities that historically have presented themselves to men.

If professional women and men cannot be alone together, women are the ones who will pay a price. They will not have the kind of mentoring that promotes workplace advancement. They will not develop the same kinds of relationships with bosses that their male colleagues do.

They will lose out.

“I believe this is gender discrimination,” said Kim Elsesser, 52, a UCLA lecturer on gender and psychology who founded a proprietary quantitative hedge fund at Morgan Stanley after graduating from Vassar and MIT. “If you don’t go out to dinner with a woman, it’s hard to have a woman be your campaign manager or your chief of staff or whoever you need to regularly meet with.”

Now, maybe I’m just a garden variety Jezebel. But I, a single woman, often spend time alone with married men in the course of my work.

I buy them coffee. I take them to lunch. Sometimes, temptress that I am, I even drink wine with them at dinner.

Often, when I am downtown, I will beckon a married male colleague into my office. (I have so many to choose from!)

We say nothing until I close the door. We sit down. We look straight into each other’s eyes.

And then we talk about work.

In 2015, National Journal conducted an anonymous survey asking women about their experiences as congressional staffers. Were there any advantages to being a woman? Had they ever experienced sexism?

Advantages were mostly superficial, according to the responses. One woman said she was treated better by security guards than her male colleagues. Another said that Republican congressmen seemed to like to have women as spokespeople.

But the disadvantages were stark, particularly when it came to issues like being alone with their male bosses:

“There is a great deal of favoritism in my office. The women work the hardest and the men get all the benefits, the high-profiled trips with my boss, greater access to the White House and prestigious contacts. It’s a boys club, and the women are rarely invited.”

“There was an office rule that I couldn’t be alone with the congressman. The rule was to protect him and me, but it still felt unfair.”

“My former boss never took a closed-door meeting with me in the span of working for him, on and off, over a 12-year stretch. Even when I was in a position of senior leadership. This made sensitive and strategic discussions extremely difficult.”

In her 2016 book “Sex and the Office,” Elsesser coined the phrase “sex partition” to describe this dynamic.

“It’s an artificial barrier between men and women at work,” she said. Male subordinates who can spend time alone with their bosses are going to develop deeper relationships.

“Obviously,” said Elsesser, “when it comes time for promotions, who is going to get them?”

While we’ve been engaged in a discussion about whether it’s appropriate for men to avoid being alone with their female colleagues and subordinates, we’ve also been awash in new tales of bad male behavior over at the Fox News Network.

Last weekend, the New York Times published a front-page investigation into harassment allegations against Fox star Bill O’Reilly. It reported that five women had reached settlements totaling $13 million with the network or O’Reilly personally. (At least two of the network’s settlements, the Times reported, were reached after Fox removed longtime Chairman Roger Ailes in the wake of sexual harassment claims by two dozen women.)

“One thing that struck me about these stories were the comments I’ve read, ” Elsesser said. “They say: ‘Women are upset because they are getting sexually harassed, and now they are upset that this guy [Pence] is avoiding interactions with them. You just can’t make them happy.’”

So are men damned if they do and damned if they don’t?
Short answer: No.
Longer answer: Hell, no. Women want to be treated as workplace equals, and they don’t want to be sexually harassed. If you are a man and this strikes you as unfair, ambiguous or damning, perhaps you don’t belong in the workplace at all.


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Sharpton was in Florida Sunday leading protests against Florida’s stand your ground laws after the death of Markeis McGlockton. Michael Drejka shot and killed McGlockton in July. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri did not charge Drejka due to Drejka claiming he feared for his life.

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Antifa Thugs Furious After Police Release Their Pics — Let’s Make Them Famous!




Police in Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon, arrested several members of Antifa over the weekend. Now, the Berkeley Police Department has released the names and headshots of many of the individuals arrested during a Sunday protest, posting their pictures and making the unhinged leftists furious. Let’s make these fools famous!

According to The Daily Caller, police in Berkeley released the names and headshots on Twitter of several people arrested during a Sunday protest, and Antifa and its allies are not pleased. The Berkeley Police Department published the information for 15 out of 20 individuals they arrested, resulting in much criticism from left-wing activists. Berkeley Police’s tweets included arrested individuals’ names, ages, city of residence, as well as the charge on which they were arrested.

The arrests were made at a Sunday event billed as a “No to Marxism in Berkeley” rally by conservative activists. What should have been a peaceful demonstration, however, was disrupted by Antifa members hell-bent on breaking the law.

Before the rally, the city issued broad rules prohibiting “weapons” in the area and “anything … that can be used for a ‘riot’.” Officials also banned protesters from wearing masks. As usual, though, the Antifa failed to follow these rules, and thus, many of them were arrested.

Jason Wallach, 41-year-old male from Oakland, charged with possession of a banned weapon.
Kate Brenner, 69-year-old female from Oakland, charged with possession of a banned weapon.
Kristen Edith Koster, 50-year-old female from Berkeley, charged with possession of a dangerous weapon.
Maria Lewis, 29-year-old female from Emeryville, charged with carrying a banned weapon and working with others to commit a crime.
Thomas Parker, 22-year-old male from Berkeley, charged with working with others to commit a crime
Caitlin Boyle, 27-year-old female from Oakland, charged with working with others to commit a crime.
Blake Griffith, 29-year-old male from Oakland, charged with vandalism.
Sarena Perez, 39-year-old female from Oakland, charged with possession of a banned weapon.
David Chou, 26-year-old male from Santa Cruz, charged with possession of a banned weapon and working with others to commit a crime.
Freddy Martinez, 31-year-old male from Berkeley, charged with battery.
Ericka Sokolower-Shain, 28-year-old female from Berkeley, charged with possession of a banned weapon.
Javier Cruz-O’Connell, 22-year-old male from Berkeley, charged with possession of a banned weapon.
Jamie Hill, 30-year-old female from Emeryville, charged with possession of a banned weapon.
Bella Podolsky, 27-year-old female from San Francisco, charged with possession of a banned weapon.
Andres Gonzalez, 35-year-old male from Oakland, charged with five counts of carrying a banned weapon.
Jeffrey Garten, 28-year-old male, from Oakland, charged with a single count of carrying a banned weapon.
The Guardian, which was among the left-leaning outlets that were clearly disgusted by the Berkeley Police Department’s move to release the Antifas’ names and headshots, reported:

Berkeley police have arrested more than a dozen anti-fascist activists and posted their names and photos on Twitter, raising concerns that the department was encouraging harassment and abuse.

Law enforcement’s unusual decision to immediately publicize the personal information and faces of arrested leftwing demonstrators on social media has sparked intense backlash. Critics have accused police of aiding the far right and endangering counter-protesters with “public shaming” and targeted arrests for alleged minor offenses.

The California police agency said it had arrested 20 people on Sunday at an “alt-right” rally, citing many of them for “possession of a banned weapon” or “working with others to commit a crime”. Most, if not all, of the people arrested were counter protesters, according to lawyers and activists working with demonstrators.

The department posted many of their names, photos and cities of residence on its official Twitter account on Sunday before anyone was formally charged. As of early Monday afternoon, a spokesperson for the local district attorney told the Guardian that Berkeley police had not yet brought the cases to prosecutors for consideration.

“This is very disturbing,” said Veena Dubal, a University of California law professor and former Berkeley police review commissioner. “It seems like a public-shaming exercise, which is not the role of the police department … They are making it really accessible for folks who might wish these people harm to locate them.”


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